Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Get A New Set Of Batteries And Let This Get Your Buzz On

Los Vibradores
Vuelven Desde El Infierno (Return From Hell)
Have only been able to find this @128 but it's still well worth the download.
Presentado por la exótica belleza Lady PuaJ.
Instrumental Surf Rock band from the city of Viña del Mar, Chile. Established in September 2002 by four characters: Cristian, Marco, and Carlos Gonzalo. Toccata highlights in the former jail in the radio Musicamara Let Valentine.
New album due out soon. Keep an eye out for it!
Tracklist in Google English
01. It's Time to die every disgusting Malditos Undesirable
02. The Electric
03. Brightness in the eyes of the lecherous necrophiliac profaner
04. The Mystery of Death Dance of Liliana, the Vampire A Go-Go
05. The agonizing free fall Trapecista that challenged the Endangered Running your Security Act Without Mesh
o6. Cane (rip) Half Day on the shores of the Red Sea
07. The Egyptian Curses Eternas Seth topic for long and boring
08. Rhythm Ago-Go
09. What was not heard of the meeting was not forbidden between Mary Magdalene and Jesus of Nazareth
10. In that tree hangs the corpse of the Taliban who was caught Betrayer Bailando Twist
11. The Incredible Odyssey of vibrators escaped the evil clutches of Ghenghis Khan
12. The Lolos Zombies rise from the tomb Bailando a rampant Satanic RockandRoll
13. Demolition
14. The highlands of sorrows and joys that I know Surfer Boliviano Sea
15. Fantasia De Blues in The Satanic Mayor's Incidental Music for Spiderman
16. The Vibrators Hell After returning from his Seal Pact To get it Fame, Girls And Eterno R&R
17. In that tree hangs the corpse was that of the Taliban Traitor Surprised Bailando Twist (Remix) by Heavy Metal Orchestra.

Tracklist in native tongue
01. Llegó la Hora de que Mueran Todos los Malditos Asquerosos Indeseables
02. El Eléctrico
03. El Brillo Lascivo en los Ojos del Profanador Necrofílico
04. El Misterioso Baile de la Muerte de Liliana, la Vampira A Go-Go
05. La Angustiante Caída Libre del Trapecista que Desafió el Peligro Ejecutando su Acto Sin Malla de Seguridad
o6. Caña (resaca) de Medio Día en las Costas del Mar Rojo
07. Las Eternas Maldiciones Egipcias de Seth para los Tema Largos y Aburridos
08. Ritmo Ago-Go
09. Lo Que No Se Vió Ni Se Escuchó del Encuentro Prohibido Entre María Magdalena y Jesús de Nazareth
10. En aquél Árbol Cuelga el Cadaver del Talibán Traidor que Fue Sorprendido Bailando Twist
11. La Increible Odisea de Los Vibradores Escapando de Las Maléficas Garras de Ghenghis Khan
12. Los Lolos Zombies se Levantan de la Tumba Bailando un Desenfrenado Rockandroll Satánico
13. Demolición
14. Las Penas y Alegrias Altiplanicas del Surfer Boliviano que Quería Conocer El Mar
15. Fantasia De Blues Satánico en La Mayor para la Música Incidental del Hombre Araña
16. Los Vibradores Regresan Desde El Infierno Tras Sellar su Pacto Para Consegir Fama, Chicas Y Eterno R&R
17. En aquel Árbol Cuelga el Cadaver del Taliban Traidor que fue Sorprendido Bailando Twist (Remix) Por La Heavy Metal Orquestra
Get it HERE


Shock said...

Jajaja amazing titles!!

Palindrome said...

All I gotta say is Grrrreat playlist! Just the other day I saw the movie Nick & Nora's infinite playlist and it was exhilarating.. I myself really know music I can say quite well, and whenever I make my music mix CD I try to put effort into making the playlist in the right order because to me the order is of what song goes in what place is really crucial.. Some small amount of people may not agree with me but many do agree and for those who don't believe just try and see how well it comes out when you try to make it in a 'correct' order :) Enjoy! But just want to leave off at saying you have a great playlist!
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