Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Take It Easy

Alice Cooper
Easy Action


Alice Cooper's second studio album, EASY ACTION was released in 1970, when the band was living in California and signed to Frank Zappa's Warner Bros.-distributed Straight Records. Full of influences from Bowie to Zappa and the Who to Jefferson Airplane, the LP is an adventurous rock 'n roll tour de force produced by David Briggs, best known for his work with Neil Young. While it reaped no chart success, it became a legendary fan favorite, with many considering it a lost classic (the group's next album, 1971's Love It To Death, came after they moved to Detroit, and sent them on their road to multiplatinum superstardom).


"Mr. and Misdemeanor" – 3:05
"Shoe Salesman" – 2:38
"Still No Air" – 2:32
"Below Your Means" – 6:41
"Return of the Spiders" – 4:33
"Laughing at Me" – 2:12
"Refrigerator Heaven" – 1:54
"Beautiful Flyaway" – 3:02
"Lay Down and Die, Goodbye" – 7:36