Thursday, October 02, 2008

"Let's Get Ready To Rassle!"

Coyote Men
Coyote Men vs. El Mundo

by Jason Ankeny
Clad in matching mobster-noir suits and Mexican wrestling masks, Newcastle, England punks the Coyote Men debuted with the ultra-limited Headin' for Trouble (reissued, along with the subsequent EP Call of the Coyote Man!, on Estrus' The Coyote Men Vs. El Mundo). The group's sophomore LP, Two Sides of the Coyote Men, followed in 1999.


by Steve Huey
Although they're from Newcastle in the U.K., the Coyote Men are capable of a pretty accurate facsimile of Tex-Mex-tinged punk/garage rock, as they demonstrate on The Coyote Men Vs. El Mundo. The album is actually a compilation of tracks from their debut Headin' for Trouble and the 7" singles "Call of the Coyote Men" and "Primitive Urge."


1 Call of the Coyote Man
2 Shake Baby Shake
3 I Can't Deny
4 All Action Man
5 Wide Load
6 Not of This Earth
7 Primitive Urge!
8 Loopey Lopez
9 Gimmie, Gimmie Action
10 Viva los Fabulous Coyote Men
11 Hungry
12 Lard Ass
13 Until I Get You
14 Mexican Divorce
15 I'm Guaranteed



Troy McClure said...

Hi man,

Spain speaking.

These morons are one of my fave bands. Too bad they have so little music out there. I have the two albums, the and the EPs Heading for Trouble, Call of the Coyote Men, and the live act Maskarado, all of them in vynil... and I do not even have a turntable! I guess I need some psichological help for being so freak!

Thanks for the scans -- very good quality. I'm to lazy to scan a single thing.

Anonymous said...

thank you!, i didn't know this came out, i have the two sides lp & really dig these guys