Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Do You Follow? has a "follow" function that I'm assuming is like an RSS feed reader. Currently I am being "followed" by 1 individual. Is this stalking???

I have been using Bloglines for my RSS feeds on all my regularly visited sites which has worked fine. I know Yahoo and Google both have their own functions that serves up any updates to your important sites. Is there any need to have more then one? Are some better then others?

Let me know what your thinkin'



Anonymous said...

Mea culpa. I use Google Reader and I "follow" you. I can't believe your blog doesn't have any more rss followers, unless the data provided by blogger shows wrong.

Dgrador said...

I'e been using RSS for about a year now, NewsFox plug-in for FF.

Trustar said...


Thanks for dropping in. By no means am I implying that there is anything wrong with "following" your favorite feeds. I was just wondering which method folks were using out there. While only shows the one individual (not you) my Atom feed through Bloglines shows there are 10 people who have subscribed to Trustar Vibrations.

We like it!!

Anyone who sets up my feed to go to them directly, evertime we have an update is great. I only wish more folks would subscribe.

Just wondering how many people know about the ability to pull in all of your favorites. I currently subscribe to about 25 feeds. Anywhere to to Totally Fuzzy blog aggregator. It's a fantastic way to keep up with all that is going on with things that tickle your fancy. Give it a try.


Trustar said...

Good to see you Senor dgrador.

Ocanadarm is one of my favorite blogs for the trashiest of tuneage in either North or South America. A worthy one to start subscribing to.

Go to

Otto Maddox said...

I'm totally stalking you! Just kidding, I also use google reader and I think that might show up on the "your being followed" function. However, I have a feeling that I may be the single "your being followed" because I synched my reader with my actual blog profile in the "Blogs I'm following" section. This is a sort of public way of showing people what you read. So if anyone looks at my profile they will see Trustar.

Silly goose... this is the age of the stalker. Stalk on!