Sunday, October 26, 2008

More Surf/Trash From Japan

Dendeke Rock Combo

The In 1994 formed band became Goggle-A in 1998. In 1999 the band started playing gigs through Japan and till 2003 they played in all prefectures in Japan. In the same year they toured in Europe and America.
Their sound is combo-rock sound based on the Japanese 60s sound(Group sound ,eleki....Japanese styled surf sound,pop,new rhythum) with the tast of surf-hotrod.They have repertorys of cover songs.The bans is loved from the wide listner ,from the manias to the beginners.Thier exciting live show with the keyword NIYARI(grin) has a hot reputation in Japan and Abroad.
They released till now 5albums and some singles, and participated in amerian split-single with the Woggles and several complations in Japan, Germany and Mexico.They produced comercial-songs,gingles and BGMs ,and take part in theater and movies.
Ride On Yamaha!
Go Go Rent-A-Car
Ripe Loquat
Ann Ann Ann
Picaso Hall No. 7
Charleston Poodle Girl
Long Tall Sally
Reverb Chase
Moto Eleki (Go Go)
Secret Tomato


Rodrigo R. Herrera said...

goggle-a are an amazing band!
i saw when they come to mexico almost 2 months a go.
the bass player are so incredible girl and even talk spanish so clear.

look this videos they i record:

Go! Go! Rent A Car

Volver Volver (this is a cover from a mexican song that originally are a ranchero's song)