Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What Kinda Hits?

The Crimson Ghosts
Some Kinda Hits

Brought to today in horrific 320 from The Mighty Creepster Werner Von Teisco

Ever wonder what would of happened if horror punk legends The Misfits were formed in 1962? Probably not, but the result might have sounded just like The Crimson Ghosts. Picture hearing all your favorite Misfits songs, like Astro Zombies, Halloween, Somekindahate, etc. done instrumental surf style. A rhythm section dripping with reverb and a twangy surf lead in place of Glenn's ominous vocals...The Crimson Ghosts put the "Go-Go" in Nike A Go-Go.The Misfits songs lend themselves well to being done instrumentally. The Crimson Ghosts capture all The Misfits famous hooks and creepy riffs, while bringing out the melody of the lead vocals. The result is instrumental music you can sing along to. So the next time your up for some "Horror Business" or you're heading over to the "Devil's Whorehouse" throw on a Crimson Ghosts record...and hear a real "Theme for a Jackal."

1 Attitude
2 Hybrid Moments
3 Fastro Zombies
4 Archangel
5 I Turned Into A Martian
6 American Nightmare
7 Halloween
8 Some Kinda Hate
9 Hollywood Babylon
10 Ghouls Night Out
11 Skulls
12 Where Eagles Dare
13 Mother Of Mercy
14 Angelfuck
15 She
16 Astro Zombies
17 Last Caress