Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Get Ready To Blast Off!

Red Rocketship

Don't know where I picked this one up but in doing some file clean-up here found and spun this fun disc. I like it!

How 'bout you?

About Red Rocketship
"Red Rocketship" is the studio collaboration between drummer/studio engineer Adam Weiss, from Washington DC, and songwriter/producer Theron Day from Bel Air, MD. The two have recently completed 2 instrumental albums of production/library music titled "Homunculus" and "Plasticity EP". Aimed for Film, Television, and Video Games, this collaboration contains an eclectic mixture of high-energy instrumental rock, alternative, tension builders, hip hop, electronic, and modern synth pieces. On a recent note, the songs "Eternity" and "The Golden Boy" from the "Homonculus" album were recently featured on MTV's Real World-Sydney and Real World-Las Vegas this summer.
March 2008 RRS's "Hull" featured on MTV's Gauntlet 3


1 Alpha Milk
2 Sweet Lime
3 Dog Fight
4 On Borrowed Time
5 Surf Slug
6 The Golden Boy
7 El Camino
8 Uh Huh
9 Kosmonaut
10 Hustle
11 Eternity
12 Mule Kick
13 Vacuum
14 She's Mad At Me
15 This Summer
16 The Squirrel Song
17 Rude Little Pig
18 Tear It Up
19 Eternity Redeux

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