Saturday, May 03, 2008

Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay

The Baywatchers
The Baywatchers

Ripped by Teisco del Mar

Not much info to be found out there. A MySpace page is as much as we can find with any content. Check it out.

The band formed in 2001, played a few gigs, then due to mr. Sebastians sudden move to Beerlin, germoney, the Baywatchers didn´t exist for a couple of years, the band reformed with mr. Hoff as the new bassplayer in 2004 and had a productive year. Musical style is instrumental surf´n´roll played with punkenergy.

let´s see what the future will bring ! -rock on, rock hard & kick ass !

1 Onethousand Homo Cowboys

2 Branded

3 Green Hornet

4 In The Spirit Of Joey

5 Prime Adrenaline

6 Valley Of The Mono Apes

7 Waxing The Boards

8 Wetback

9 Mr Hoff Blues Live @ Schokoladen 3/5/2004

10 Whalebarf Live @ Butterclub 3/1/2004

11 The Joker and The Green Hornet Live @ Magnet Club 4/20/2004



Brandonio! said...

I forgot to mention that I ...Love This! The bass player is way out in front in the mix.More surf bands need to mix their records like this.

Trustar said...

Glad you caught this one B.

It is a great sound.