Thursday, May 22, 2008

Is There A Doctor In The House???

Dr Surf
Who Is Dr Surf?

DR. SURF is a band dedicated to making the sounds that made California world famous- by playing SURF MUSIC! DR. SURF has their own brand of high energy Surf Rock that began in the early 60's.
Using both instrumental and vocal songs, DR. SURF throws into the mix:
Classic old style SURF ROCK- a la the VENTURES, the CHANTAYS, DICK DALE; Secret Agent/Spy sounds; Fun lovin' BEACH BOY/ BEATLE vocals; and even some Latin and Reggae vibes to create their own recipe for FUN!
We are from CALIFORNIA and play locally in the Santa Barbara/ Ventura area. However, DR. SURF is planning a world tour to go to Japan, Hawaii and Australia. We love to play our music and sometimes play 2 or 3 gigs in one day.
Come out to HEAR and DANCE to our California sound and have a BLAST!


1 Enter the Green Room
2 Riptide
3 Tarantula's
4 La Reve
5 La Plage
6 Earth Surfer
7 Gidget Gets Laid
8 The Zombies Awaken
9 Theme from Zombies de LAmoure
10 Suicide Bay
11 Driving in Baja
12 I (Heart) La Fonda