Thursday, May 22, 2008

$elling Out With The Astroglides

The Astroglides
$elling Out With The Astroglides

It is not very common to find a band that succeeded to shape a brand new musical genre. The Astroglides, who coined the term 'Surf Core' to describe their own blend of dark surf and metallic thrash-core managed to galvanize a new power tool that retained the true essence of surf music with guitars played through vintage Fender amps, reverb units and speakers with the aid of a slashing theremin and exotic musical instruments. Since their formation in 1997, the Astroglides have been crafting unique instrumental and vocal Surfcore tunes, alongside and separated from both the Israeli musical mainstream and the local alternative scene. Leading their own crusade, the band released their first two albums "Penetrate with" and "Fondling with" in the Israeli independent label Fast Music in 2001 and 2002, respectively. Later joined their third effort "Channel Surfing with" a record that was based around TV and movie instrumentals, including cover versions of obscure theme songs from old Israeli TV shows. In 2004, Ran Mossesco, one of the band's founding members and a surfcore super-hero, left the band and moved to the States but the band continued their road to ruin with Lee-or (theremin,vocals and baldheaded stomps), Jonathan (guitars,flutes, exotic strings), Nadel (guitars, headbangings and also a member of the Los Kikes), Cavan (bass, beach bummery and a member of Monkey Son of a Donkey) and Idan (skins and a motorcycle daredevil). In 2005 the band released "Turkish Delight", a CD single that was soon followed by the band's latest record "Selling out with The Astroglides". The new album was released by the band's private label, Sshaking RecordsS and showcased the Astroglides penchant for oriental influenced exotica. The Astroglides took their intense oceanic surfcore to a camel ride in the kasbah and gave birth to 15 spicy tunes that breath new life in the middle eastern deserts of desolation.


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