Thursday, May 22, 2008

Get Aroused

The Arousers
Do The Arousal

The Band's repertoire is drawn from wild 50's Rock'n'Roll obscurities through to early 60's Surf/Rock'n'Roll, and with material of their own provide audiences world-wide with their very own phenomenally infectious brand of Surf Rock'n'Roll animalism. The Arousers have not only played extensively across the UK but also successfully secured a strong following by their appearances in Europe playing France, Holland and Germany. The band have also provided explosive finishes to 'Hemsby' and 'The Big Rumble' weekenders (the biggest R&R events in the World approx. 3500+ people). So if you would like to catch waves with the ultimate party band, The Arousers are 'Fendered up and ready to Party!'."
1 Friction
2 Squad Car
3 Arousal
4 The Hunch


Troy McClure said...

I discovered this band yesterday. "The Arousal" is a true killer!!!