Friday, May 23, 2008

Goin' At Mach IV

The Mach IV
Road Test

For Senor B

The Mach IV, based in San Francisco, California, are deeply committed to the traditional sound of Jazzmasters, Jaguars, tank reverbs and the subtle grooves of the early sixties surfing sound. By no means an oldies band, they play the music as a vital and continuing force. Original tunes stand along side greats by The Astronauts, The Shadows, The Ventures and lesser known bands like Les Jaguars, Richie Podolar, and many more. Hypersonic sounds for the Jet-Age sophisticate, indeed. Though the Mach IV was founded in 2001, the quartet have a long pedigree in the instrumental music genre. Guitarist Mel Waldorf led Montreal's Los Mel-tones through hundreds of gigs and two CDs before moving to the Bay Area to play with twang rockers The Alvarados. Shigemi "Shig 33" Komiyama, drummer extraordinaire, provides the beat for El Destroyo, The Shitones and Shig and Buzz, played with Hot Tuna, and once shared the stage with Yoko Ono. Guitarist Ferenc Dobronyi is the leader of Pollo Del Mar, now going into their second decade of surf rock. Bassist Johnny Hamilton also plays for the Berzerkers and Shig and Buzz.
Track listing:
Surf PartyWhangaroa
Astro Boy
Lullaby of the Leaves
Midnight Run
What's in the Trunk, Harry?
New York
Yellow Jacket
Sunset Beach
Wonderful Land