Friday, May 23, 2008

I Want Some Peanut Butter And Jellyfishing!

The Bahareebas
This tasty dish served up by that little ol sandwich maker Teisco.

"...on their mission to uranus"

Zurich based band The Bahareebas play an eclectic mix of rough 60s surf & garage. They’re inspired by pretty much everything they come across and try to get all these variations into their compositions.
Since the early 2008 on the road as a quartet, the bahareebas try to go back to the very roots of the odd 60s music scenes.
Is it the utterly precise surfguitar of Gigi Galante? The mad fuzz of Phil de Gaulle? The knacking basslines of Sevi Sousol? Or the highflying sticks of Sam LaFontaine? It sure is the blend of everything that gives the Bahareebas the true sound they play.
So listen, if you like some nifty surfgrooves, some rough garage and a bit of hip freakbeat you sure have to see them live.

01 Superkings
02 Dunewalk
03 Vampire Beach
04 Lollipop Whore
05 Karate Island
06 Back To Details
07 Winona
08 Safran
09 Umba
10 Ocean Cowboy’s Last Ride
11 Don’t Steal My Show
12 Roboshark In Gefahr


Roboshark said...

Thanks! This record rocks!