Monday, May 19, 2008

Locked In To Surf

Locked In To Surf & Rock 'n Roll Instrumentals
Vol 1

"Eighteen nutso bastouts from eighteen combos from around the world (3 continents in fact). A tasty blend of surf and garage instros, with one knackered blues stomper just for good measure. All top knotch tackle no less!"
Squad Car - The Phantom Surfers
Locked In - The Gallows
Chateo - Sir Bald Diddley
One Mean Gasser - The Boss Martians
Red Monkey - The Green Hornets
Creepy Crocker - Eight Ball Scratch
Ice Cream Sunshine - The King Normals
Cotton Pickin - Jackie N The Cedrics
Kid Wigs Harem - Kid Wig N The Wig Outs
Bustin Bikini Beat - Lil Bob N The Trembles
Wildfire - Lord Limey N the Yanks
Picket Fence - Thee Headcoats
2000 LB Werewolf - The Neanderthals
Cosmic Blastoff - Count Zero & The Cosmic Noughts
12 Miles To Babylon - the Finks
Rocket to Mars - The Astronauts
Two Beer Stomps - Juke Boy Barkus
Surf Beat - The Trashwomen