Sunday, January 20, 2008

Molto Grazia

Ray Daytona and Googoobombos
Fasten Seat Belt

Italy's Hot Garage Band

Ray Daytona guitar and screams Rosie bass guitar, voice Doctor D guitar, voice Madison Wheeler drums, voice Red Razor theremin, voice, maracas and often: dancing!!!!! With a little help from: Paolo Apollo Negri, Al "Ormone", Fritz the Cat, Mickey Mouse, Mitch, Adua, Saverio, Mirko, Cicciolina, Rocco, Der Golem, Bela and Boris............ who'll be the next? are you the next?

01. Psyclope
02. High Pressure Liquid Chromatography
03. An der Urania
04. Slim, Horny and Tanned
05. Old Cannibal Woman
06. Detecto!
07. Taliban Surf
08. Drinking Toluene
09. Not All Astronauts Are Slim
10. Roasted Fly
11. Cowgirls and Cactus
12. Daytona Super Royal Rumble
13. Even the Zombies Cry
14. (I Got) Sideburns
15. It's too Heavy to be Lifted (Call Mama)
16. Fasten Seat Belt
17. Brand New Dino


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much!

Trustar said...

Your very welcome Paul

señor GRETSCH said...

great music