Thursday, January 03, 2008

Hot California Sun via Japan

Rat Holic Presents California Sun

Review: Real Art Magazine. ru

For a long time I’ve suspected that surf and garage scene (as well as other musical styles) is very cool in Japan. Very rarely we managed to hear's, Guitar Wolf …Here is the whole treasury of the modern cool garage and surf bands which have been recorded during one concert in the Japanese club (life is actually fine - except for this disk I also have DVD with video from that concert - each band in their special color suits, everyone is smiling and pleased as child, the audience have fun and enjoy the gig together with musicians …).Except for already a little familiar to me The Twinkle Arrows and The Windows, there are 7 more bands on the disk (The Great Mongoose, Rat Holic, Jacky and Enocky, The Teenie Cheetahs, The Pebbles, The El Caminos and Terry Shimamura Group).A lot of girls play on drums, saxophone, keys (The Pebbles is entirely girl-band).About music - very valiant surf or drive garage and hot rod. I shall especially note Jacky and Enocky “Let's Go Bopping Tonight” - seven-minute track with long duel of the musicians; the incredible garage punk hit “Teeny Smash” from The Teenie Cheetahs; the most magnificent sounding of Rat Holic and mad drive of The Great Mongoose.

1 The Windows Ali Baba

2 The Great Mongoose Draggin' Waggin'

3 The Great Mongoose Surfin' Monkey

4 Rat Holic Surfin' Chihuahuas

5 Rat Holic Chruch Key

6 Jacky and Enocky Let's Go Boppin' Tonight

7 The Teenie Cheetahs You're Nuts

8 The Teenie Cheetahs Teenie Smash

9 The Pebbles Surf To There

10 The Pebbles Train To Nowhere

11 The El Caminos Mr Revel

12 The El Caminos Mogul Monster

13 The Twinkle Arrows Engine Stop

14 The Twinkle Arrows Miss. Camel

15 Jacky and Enocky Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On

16 The Windows Bombora

17 The Windows Falseta

18 Terry Shimamura Group Hillbilly Boogie

19 Terry Shimamura Group Danny's Boogie

20 Terry Shimamura Group Twelfth Street Ray


Anonymous said...

hey thanks for this one, i love japanase garage and surf

John Trashe

Trustar said...

Glad to help fill the cans in the garage John.