Sunday, January 20, 2008

Very Fine Guitar Work Here

Seis Cuardas
Solo Guitarras
We have it all here in Huntington Beach! Sun, surf, beautiful bodies and surf bands. What more co uld we ask for. This last summer, the city started Surf City Nights Street Fair. Lots of food, games for the kids, fruit and vegetable stands. What made this so great was the addition of quite a few musical folks spread out along Main Street. One of the special groups were these two young brothers. Simply amazing guitarists. I saw them several times over the summer and was captivated each time. Hope you will enjoy them also.
The year...2000, the city...Buenos Aires, Argentina, the Etcheverry brothers joined their talent, passion and love for music to make their dreams come true. SEIS CUERDAS was born and from that time on, the flamenco duo has been a success wherever they play. Their music is flashy, romantic, unpredictable, rhythmically rich, and fresh. As guitarists, the brothers show an incredible technique, knowing how to mix different sounds, going from flamenco to rock, turning the classic and most pure Spanish music into a new and fresh sound. In 2001, Ezequiel and Martin Etcheverry, moved to Los Angeles, California, where they have been living since then. The brothers are performers at the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica, drawing people from all around the world. They have three released CDs, Seis Cuerdas (2001), Vivencias (2003) and Solo Guitarras (2006), in all, they have perfectly caught the spirit of their music. Freshness and power, feeling and technique, melody and chops, go hand in hand during the minutes and minutes of their soulful and inspired music. In fact,SEIS CUERDAS is music from the soul to the soul.


Dean said...

Holy shamoly! Great flamenco and stunning guitar work. I wish I lived a little nearer California to pop along and see these guys. Phew!


PS I hail from England so it's a bit much for a night out...

Trustar said...

Thanks for dropping in Dean.

Maybe a 3 day weekend will help!

Yes, while the music is fine indeed, to watch them play is a treat in itself.



Anonymous said...

g'day trustar - incredible guitar work from these brothers- it's a workout just listening to them - track 5 was corrupted on my download - thought i'd let you know in case it was the same for everyone - you get some really good stuff on your blog - very much appreciated - cheers,brian[australia]

Trustar said...

Hi Brian

Thanks for tuning in and making the nice comments. I checked the .rar at my end and it worked OK. Might want to give it another try.

Just in case it lost something in the translation, if anyone else has the same problem with their extraction, please let me know and I will re-upload it for you. Don't want to miss any of this.

I think it was important to include Brian the youtube videos with this one as it is truly something to see as well as hear.

Cheers Brian. Make sure to tell your friends to tune in too.

Dean said...

Nowt wrong with the download at this end. Thanks again Trustar - an amazing find.