Wednesday, January 16, 2008

OK Ramblers... Let's Get Ramblin'

Reservoir Dogs
Original Sound Track
Review is not very complimentary, but who gives a @#$%@! I can't hear any of these songs without flashes of the movie going off in my head. Makes me happy. Don't be a Mr. Pink. Get it!

by Stephen Thomas Erlewine

Only five songs here were featured prominently in Quentin Tarantino's rousing crime film ("Little Green Bag," "Hooked on a Feeling," "I Gotcha," "Stuck in the Middle With You," and "Coconut"), but the record includes Steven Wright's introductions from the film (separately indexed, thankfully), as well as Tarantino's infamous interpretation of the meaning of Madonna's "Like a Virgin" and Harvey Keitel's monologue on how to rob a jewelry store. In total, that's about fifteen to twenty minutes of material. Padding out the rest of the disc are three new songs that were heard in passing in the film — "Fool for Love" is very good, "Harvest Moon" passable, and "Magic Carpet Ride" is abominable. After this, the disc has passed the half hour mark by two minutes. The amount of music you'll actually want to listen to makes it even shorter, but it is a soundtrack you'll want to return to.

1 And Now Little Green Bag... (Dialogue)
Steven Wright
2 Little Green Bag
Baker, George Selection
3 Rock Flock of Five (Dialogue)
Steven Wright
4 Hooked on a Feeling
Blue Swede
5 Bohemiath (Dialogue)
Steven Wright
6 I Gotcha
Joe Tex
7 Magic Carpet Ride
8 Madonna Speech (Dialogue)
Quentin Tarantino ...
9 Fool for Love
Sandy Rogers
10 Super Sounds (Dialogue)
Steven Wright
11 Stuck in the Middle With You
Stealers Wheel
12 Harvest Moon
13 Let's Get a Taco (Dialogue)
Harvey Keitel, Tim Roth
14 Keep on Truckin' (Dialogue)
Steven Wright
15 Coconut
Harry Nilsson
16 Home of Rock (Dialogue)
Steven Wright


RYP said...

I had most of the trax in my mind's waste-paper basket! cool party atmosphere!