Sunday, January 20, 2008

Which Planet?

Big Ray & The Futuras
Desolation Planet


Big Ray and The Futuras are a high energy instro trio on a mission, a mission in space. "Desolation Planet" is where they land, and oh do they find some exotic life forms. "Glowing Men" and "Los Banditos," and an interesting character named "The Condor." The songs titles are understood once you hear the music, albeit no words mind you, which you would think would make it all that much more difficult right? Nope, wrong answer people of planet earth. Hey, I know all you Cowabunga Web Ring folk know yer shit, just kidding.
Even though this is getting down to basics when regarding musical composition, it is in the same breath complex and diverse in that all flavors and styles seem to pop up all over the galaxy on the CD. It is the mark of a truly talented instrumental (surf flavored that is) group that can reach down and grab those spicy Tex-Mex roots, traditional rock ‘n’ roll and surf foundations, Latino flavorings, and then sprinkles of everything else to give you the full treatment of what great instro music is all about. And dam it, they were just a trio. I speak in past tense because the group is now defunct (thanks for the update Dave Wood).
I really got a kick in the pants from this album. The cover is great, it reminds of the 50’s sci-fi flicks like "Forbidden Planet." I would have loved to see what this looked like in a vinyl gatefold jacket! This is great instro folks, it’s full of reverb and twang that will wet your appetite for more and more, I personally guarantee it. This is a classic rendering of surf-instro, plain and simple. Arrgh! I can smell the sea air already…


Don't mind the funky track listings. Tags on file are 2-16 vs 1-15 as shown here.

1. Horrorscope
2. The Glowing Men
3. Sputnik
4. The Condor
5. Los Banditos
6. Raygun
7. Astrodisia
8. Ants In Yer Pants
9. Seventh Wave
10. Tierra Del Fuego
11. Model 41863
12. Futura Go-Go
13. Tomahawk
14. Surf Ballroom
15. Desolation Planet