Tuesday, July 14, 2009


We've been working hard here at Trustar Vibrations the last month or so to bring you a broad assortment of musical types and styles. Some old, some very new. It seems to be working on some levels but not others.

2500 downloads in the last week
So sad

If not for my fellow bloggers and "Special Friends" out there, it would be completly silent.
For those folks, I am very gratefull


GaragePunk66 said...

I feel your pain!

ceniceros said...

Comprendo que tiene que ser triste a veces hace un bo tan chulo como el tuyo y no tener ni siquiera la recompensa de un pequeño comentario. Pero ya sabes que el ser humano suele ser vago y poco agradecido. Pese a todo no desesperes y sigue adelante. Te apreciamos los esfuerzos y disfrutamos con tu música. ¡Vivael surf!

Aildoux said...

I have not even begun to browse your offerings and feel compelled to say something, anything... Let me have a look first. brb... Well, you certainly very eclectic, as am I. I'll take some of your Zappa, the uk guitar compilation and the grand funk live as I had as a vinyl years ago. Thanks and keep it up! Meow!

Trustar said...

Ouch!, Gracias, Merci

Thanks for making the effort. Not trying to shame people to comment, just to have them think a bit.


paul said...

Cool office, man.

RonM said...

I can sympathise, sometimes it seems nobody appreciates you but then some-one will make your day with a nice comment or offer to share stuff you haven't got.

Keep doing it while its fun that's my motto.

Oh and I will say your blog is one of my favorites.

ВВГ said...

TY alot! (although i havent downloaded anything).

Keep up great unwork )

The Bomber said...

happening the same to me...
perhaps blogging is not my thing..
im getting tired of this sh*t.
Perhaps closing down is an option.

Cheers buddy
and do whatever you want
that will be the best

zillagord said...

Man! 2500 d/ls and no comment? I didn't d/l any of your fine offerings, but I feel compelled to pay tribute just for all the work you put in here.

BTW, I didn't know your alter ego was Howdy Reynolds! Man, you rule! And with that sexy personal assistant (not the one made of wood), how much more thanks to you need?

TS, as always, thanks so much for the Good Vibrations. I'll miss you at the Pilgrims next week.

Take it easy and peace,

Hunter said...

Another blogger checking in to say "I feel ya". I screwed up uploading an MP3 the other day and nobody told me until I found out myself

Brandonio! said...

Ungrateful bastards!!!!!!!Maybe it's a too many blogs thing?Who knows? People can be pretty rude at times.Just keep giving it your best.

Trustar said...

Thanks B. I know you've been there at times too.

Does make you wonder about people though.

It's not an effort to make people feel guilty, It's just our bi-annual "WTF!"


Anonymous said...

This is a great website. Thanks. I have not commented before because I am, by nature, a somewhat reticent person. My apologies. I do appreciate what you do very much.

John Lightning said...

While I appreciate what music bloggers such as yourself deliver, I am generally one of those ingrates too busy to find a moment to say thank you, as I am now. Between three jobs, and my own blog and radio activities, I rarely have time to answer all my e mail no less reach out to thank fine folks such as you for your public service.

Since a fire took out my main studio and sent my turntables into exile, thousands of Lp's sit in boxes waiting my move to shiny new quarters. In the meantime, the blogs allow me to find many of my discs, digitized and ready to go on the air. I hope someday to share my rare items in much the same way you give of your library to the unknown masses.

From my den in Brooklyn, NY, all the best. Your efforts are more appreciated than you might suspect.

John Lightning 11l/RNI Visit us at JohnLightning.COM


Mredondo said...

T -

I feel your pain... I may only get 4 or 5 comments a week or longer. And some of those are from you! ;)

I think fellow bloggers understand the power of a simple comment, whether its "Thanks" or a story or whatever... its the blog surfers who go from blog to blog and just download their asses off don't understand or folks who have never blogged themselves.... comments are like fuel to bloggers.

Keep your chin up and blog on bro!


Oracle said...
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E Craig said...

This is my favorite blog for dumping the winter blues. Michigan winters can drive a person insane if there's not something good to put the mind on. The music that is here is just what I need.

Thanks and keep going with the blog.

I'm here daily and will try to comment more often.

Trustar said...

E Craig

Thanks for the comment of this old post. Glad you could find things here to brighten up the cold Michigan skies for you. Unfortunately even after 5 years, the issues are the same. Thousands of d/ls but nary a comment.

Always appreciate when folks take the time while browsing to say hi/howdy.