Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Wonders

That Thing You Do
Original Soundtrack
This movie and soundtrack is another of my guilty pleasures. This one I won't hide though. Enjoy! Will post the flick this weekend if anyone is interested. Give me a show of comments.

Review by Cub Koda
This is the soundtrack to the Tom Hanks-written and -directed movie about a fictional rock & roll band from Erie, PA (the Wonders), who luck into their one and only hit record in 1964. As a souvenir of the movie, this soundtrack more than fills the bill. But as a collection of great songs, it more than stands on its own as well. The tunes and performances perfectly evoke that cusp of time in rock history when one era was ending and another was beginning, while the production values are retro and yet modern, clean, and sharp. If you're a fan of mid-'60s British pop, here's a new recording that adds some more great songs and performances to that genre.

1 Lovin' You Lots and Lots Norm Wooster Singers
2 That Thing You Do! Wonders
3 Little Wild One Wonders
4 Dance With Me Tonight Wonders
5 All My Only Dreams Wonders
6 I Need You (That Thing You Do) Wonders
7 She Knows It Heardsmen
8 Mr. Downtown Freddy Fredrickson
9 Hold My Hand, Hold My Heart Chantrellines
10 Voyage Around the Moon Saturn V
11 My World Is Over Diane Dane
12 Drive Faster Vicksburgs
13 Shrimp Shack Cap'n Geech & Shrimp Shack Shooters
14 Time to Blow Del Paxton
19 15 That Thing You Do! [Live at the Hollywood Television Showcase] Wonders
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Dave C said...

I liked them better when they were the Oneders.

Trustar said...

Hah! I almost posted this with the title Oneders but didn't think many would know the movie enough to catch on.

Good job DaveC!
Thanks for dropping in.


Unknown said...

I wanted to hear that new hit record, "Alone in my Principles"

I hope you can post the movie - although I've had it for years, I think that for those who haven't seen it yet, it will be a real treat. And as one who was there during those times, the movie is incredibly true to the time. There is more accurate detail than in most 'period' movies (look at Busey's "Buddy Holly" for a good example of getting details wrong).

Rockinbee said...

A small piece of trivia: Supposedly Tom Hanks based the "Oneders" on the "The Chartbusters", a actual band from PA. They also had one "almost" hit the mersey sounding "She's The One". like I say that is the story I heard.


Trustar said...

Hey RockinBee

Thanks for the trivia.

Whats the chance for an invite to your blog?

Hit me with an e-mail


RonM said...

Love that Saturn V track Voyage Around the Moon but I don't know if the group actually exists cos I been lookin for more of their stuff.

The Torquays do a great version also and they do exist.

Pablo said...

i'm folower of the Dmitrich blog "Wings of dream" and this is a good blog too, I watched this movie, was with marvelous music. Thanks for this. See you

Pablo (Argentina)
(my 60's & 70's blogspot)

ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ said...

More Trivia: The town scenes were shot at the Orange Circle and I know you know where that is you know.

Wouldn't it be nice if h'wood could make more flicks like this one? :O

russell said...

I saw the movie ages ago but would quite like to see it again if you get the chance to upload it.....great sound track, by the way - nice one!