Tuesday, July 07, 2009

More Rude Reggae For After The Kids Go To Bed

Adults Only Vol 2
Trojan Records

Review by Jo-Ann Greene
"What is catty," the backing singers ask U-Roy on the innuendo-laced "Big Boy & Teacher"; "The same as pussy cat, lying on the mat," he replies. Well that obviously explains why felines are running rampant over Adults Only!, Vol. 2. Stranger Cole has his "Pussy Cat"; Max Romeo doesn't have a feline of his own, so he wants to "Play With Your Pussy"; Lloydie & the Lowbites love theirs so much they exclaim "Yum Yum Pussy"; while the Soulmates attempt to put out the blaze after "Pussy Catch a Fire." The girls, meanwhile, seem to have their eyes on the chicken ruling the roost, as Owen & Leon explain on "Want Me Cock." And so Trojan excites listeners with another collection of rude reggae, raunchy rocksteady, and scandalizing ska classics and covers. Once again, there's an odd number out, "Rub up Push Up," which is no relation to the Termites' song that appeared on the first volume, where Justin Hinds & the Dominoes actually tell off their contrite girl for her lovey-dovey behavior. But when the Termites deliriously sing "Push It Up" and the Itals dulcetly intone "Push Push," it's in another context entirely. There's plenty of sweet singing as well from the likes of Max Romeo, Lloyd Charmers, and the Ethiopians, who beat down "Satan Gal" with great whip effects and fabulous harmonies, while the aforementioned Soulmates song boasts wailing fire sirens. Others numbers are so salaciously suggestive they stun on their own, notably Lloyd & Patsy's "Papa Do It Sweet," a cross between a back-alley "Je T'aime" and "Soldering," while Charlie Ace & Fay return with another heavy rhythm to accompany the DJ's heavy-handed seduction technique. And if the "Rough Rider" leaves you with a limp, "Doctor Dick" will put you right, just beware of the "Hole Under Crutches." For with the fabulous rhythms streaming behind the suggestive lyrics, you'll want to get up and dance, unless you'd prefer to have a bit of a lie-down.


1 Rub Up, Push Up Justin Hinds
2 Want Me Cock Owen Silvera & Leon
3 Pussy Cat Stranger Cole
4 Doctor Dick Lee Perry
5 Push It Up The Termites
6 Adults Only Calypso Joe
7 Push Push The Itals
8 Mr. Rhya Lloyd Charmers
9 Satan Gal Ethopians
10 Pussy Catch a Fire Soulmates
11 Big Boy & Teacher (What Is Catty) U Roy
12 Rough Rider Lloydie & the Lowbites
13 Play With Your Pussy Max Romeo
14 Papa Do It Sweet Lloyd & Patsy
15 In a de Pum Pum Flowers & Alvin
16 Mr. Whittaker Charlie Ace & Fay
17 Hole Under Crutches Max Romeo
18 Yum Yum Pussy Lloydie & the Lowbites



rocker6222 said...

These look really good. I see a lot of nice posts since the last time I browsed your sit.

Thank you for your labor of love. I would probably lose my enthusiasm if no one ever bothered to show some appreciation.


Trustar said...


But it's comments like this that keeps me in the game. Thanks for taking the time to speak up.
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