Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Wait Till The Kids Go To Bed

Adults Only Vol 1
Trojan Records


Review by Jo-Ann Greene
An album stuffed with 18 "adult listening" classics, or to rip away the hyperbole, a compilation of rude reggae greats. Most are drawn from the early reggae years; however, the sugar daddy of them all, Max Romeo's "Wet Dream," the song that launched the whole rude reggae raft into the British charts, is a surprising omission, although the Inspirations do offer up a spirited cover. As with that hit, the innuendos are all in the mind of the listener, and there's actually nothing X-rated to be found within; on the Termites' "Rub up Push Up," only the title hints at more than a bit of canoodling. However, there's plenty of hot-and-heavy suggestion elsewhere -- Lee Perry & the Soulettes' "Rub and Squeeze," the Tennors' salacious childhood memories of "Khaki," Junior Byles' climax into an aria on the Versatiles' "Push It In" -- while pussycats are subjected to a wide variety of indignities, including a good washing from Lloydie & the Lowbites on "Birth Control." But that's nothing compared to the "Barbwire" Nora Dean discovers beneath her boyfriend's belt. Dave Barker & the Gaylads are convinced "She Want It"; perhaps they bumped into the Soul Sisters on their desperate search for sex on "Wreck a Buddy." After chasing kitties across two songs, Lloydie & the Lowbites are now looking for a "Fat Fat Girl," a lovely cover of the Heptones' "Fatty Fatty." The Observers have set their sights abroad with "International Pum Pum," a sexual unity anthem. Fay wants a sexy song, and DJ Charlie Ace is happy to satisfy her, while Max Romeo sweetly seduces "Sexy Sadie" (not the Beatles' song). Like the risqué seaside postcards so popular in the 1950s and early '60s, there's more smirking than smut. But more memorable than the racy lyrics are the phenomenal rhythms, from "Khaki"'s ska fest to a clutch of rocksteady simmers and on to the upbeat reggae scorchers.
1 Rub and Squeeze Lee Perry
2 Don't Touch Me Tomato Phyllis Dillon
3 Adults Only Dermot Lynch
4 Rub Up, Push Up Termites
5 Push It In Versatiles
6 Khaki Tennors
7 Wreck a Buddy Soul Sisters
8 Hold the Pussy Gungo
9 Birth Control Lloydie And Lowbites
10 Wet Dream Inspirations
11 Barbwire Nora Dean
12 Open Up Clancy Eccles
13 She Want It Dave Barker, And Gaylads
14 Fat Fat Girl Lloydie And Lowbites
15 International Pum Pum Observers
16 Punanny Charlie Ace & Fay
17 Sexy Sadie Max Romeo
18 Pussy Cat Lloydie And Lowbites


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