Saturday, July 25, 2009

Do Your Soul Some Good Today

Rhythm Rockers
Soul Surfin'
Burned at a soulwarming 320

Phil Dirt Says:

These guys were early birds in the nest of surf. Not much of what we now think of as surf, but some really fine vintage tracks. Some East LA soul influences and some standard dance influences, but overall, a really solid album. They were influences on fledgling bands like the Lively Ones. They were a tough act in their days. [Reverb Central]

Track list:

01 Surfin At Mazatlan
02 Rendevous Stomp
03 Ramrod
04 Nine Toes
05 Moondawg
06 Wipeout
07 Breakfast At Tressles
08 Moovin' N Groovin
09 Get It On
10 Caravan
11 The Breeze And I
12 You Can't Sit Down
13 The Slide
14 Garbage Cans