Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mighty Sword Wielding Samurai

The Secret Samurai
Gun Sho Gun

The Secret Samurai is one of today's most exciting instrumental surf bands. They produce an eclectic mix of high energy reverb-drenched surf, spaghetti western twang, and middle-eastern, latin and asian exotica. The Secret Samurai straddle the line between the traditional and progressive instrumental surf genres with dynamic and driving original melodic compositions.


GUN-SHO-GUN is the long-awaited debut CD from San Diego, CA's reverb-drenched instro-surf swordsmen. This high energy, 11-song guitar-driven tour de force will leave you screaming for more! Huge reverb-laden guitar tone set atop a blazing rhythmic fury position this disc to be an instant classic.

Don't Fear The Reverb
Bereft Of Enemies
Sink Or Swim
L'Ultimo Basamento
Off The Richtor (Act II)
Dastardly Deeds
The Song Remains Insane


Link removed at request of band.

This is one great CD

Get it over @ CDBaby


GSD said...

Great band, excellent sounds!
I think they are more interesting from (the old band) Surf Reports ....

After long time...Surfers are back and here to stay.!!!

p.s. 1. next comments after ...surf summer festival
2. don't forget keep on surfin!!! ...ciao....................!!!