Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Light Of The Triffids

David McComb
Love Of Will
Biography by Michael Sutton
The Triffids' late frontman David McComb had Nick Cave's deep, impassioned vocals and Leonard Cohen's poetic, insightful lyrics but neither quality rewarded him with commercial success. Born on February 17, 1962, in Perth, Australia, McComb was the son of a plastic surgeon and a geneticist. McComb started his first group, Dalsy, in high school. Dalsy would eventually become the Triffids. After graduating from high school, McComb attended Curtin University. In 1980, the Triffids' first single, "Stand Up," appeared. A year later, McComb moved to Sydney, Australia, with the Triffids, releasing their debut album, Treeless Plain. He recorded five more LPs with the Triffids, each acclaimed by critics but none of them launching the band into stardom, thus the Triffids broke up in 1989. McComb then joined the Blackeyed Susans while also trying to establish himself as a solo artist. He contributed a track to the Leonard Cohen tribute album I'm Your Fan in 1991. In 1994, McComb released his solo debut, Love of Will. On a trip to New York, McComb became sick; he quickly returned to Australia and was subsequently placed on a waiting list for heart transplants. A donor was discovered in 1995, and McComb underwent a successful operation. On January 30, 1999, McComb was hospitalized after a car accident; he passed away on February 2, 1999, while trying to recuperate.
1 Clear Out My Mind
2 Setting You Free
3 Day Of My Ascension
4 Deep In A Dream
5 Nothing Good
6 The Lord Burns Every Clue
7 Lifelike
8 Lover Sister #1
9 Heard You Had A Bed
10 Inside Of Me
11 Leaning
12 I Want To Conquer You
13 Pack Up Your Troubles



RonM said...

Hi Trustar - sad about David. I can remember in the early 80s a friend at Uni saying there's this terrific new band called the Triffids do you want to go see them? I did and while I had no hint of their future success I did think they were way better than the usual pub rock band around then (although Dom Mariani was active in Perth at the time)