Monday, June 08, 2009

Don't Miss This!

The Woggles
Live At The Star Bar

Fantastic group that I saw this weekend. Raw energy with alot of showmanship. Very fun group to see live. Favorite track is the old Frankie Lane song Jezabel. 23 butt-shakin' tunes guarenteed to make you want to boogaloo!

From start to finish this CD captured a great performance, the sound quality is supreme! Crank this one up and pop a few beers and you'll wake up the next mourning with a feeling of being there! It is one of the best Live CDs I've ever heard that was recorded in a bar! This action packed disc is explosive and if you like garage rock, you will love the Woggles live at the star bar! Tube driven, straight up -plug in and play- old school rock -n- roll in the modern world, the way music is suppose to be! Cheers! -Littleboot /

1 C'mon and Swim
2 What a Girl Can't Do
3 Snap Your Fingers
4 Something to Believe In
5 Fractured
6 Play Pretty
7 Mad Dog 20/20
8 Bleedin Me Down
9 Green Fly
10 Get Tough
11 Push
12 Mule Lipped
13 Ramadan Romance
14 Love is Such a Vise
15 Theme from the Vindicators
16 Tear Me Down
17 I Got Your Number
18 Doin' the Montague
19 My Baby Likes to Boogaloo
20 Jezabel
21 Carnivore
22 Hi Hi Pretty Girl
23 Saved