Monday, June 22, 2009

Exciting News For Trustar

Just had this info passed on by Doug today. Maybe possibility of other shows more westward. Keeping my fingers crossed.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEPRLog (Press Release) – May 22, 2009 – Musician Todd Rundgren will perform his entire "A Wizard, A True Star" album live for the first time ever on September 6th, 2009 at the Akron Civic Theatre in Akron, Ohio beginning at 8pm. The concert is being presented by Ticket prices start at $50 and are available at and Additional information can be found at Todd will be performing with several musicians that have not been announced yet. Todd and his band will perform other songs from his vast catalog before embarking on the full album presentation. Over 75% of the tickets have already been sold for this theme concert and a sellout is expected by the end of May. Hundreds of fans from all over the USA will be visiting Akron to attend this "A Wizard, A True Star" gig. Some Todd Rundgren fans from 4 other countries - - - Japan, United Kingdom, Scotland, and Canada - - - will also be in attendance. "A Wizard, A True Star" was Todd’s follow up to his most commercially successful album, “Something /Anything?” which included popular hits like “I Saw The Light” and “Hello It’s Me”. Instead of going with a similar sound Todd Rundgren went in a completely different direction with his electrical psychedelic album "A Wizard, A True Star". Rundgren chose to abandon stardom and, with it, conventional pop music. He began a course through uncharted musical territory, becoming a pioneer not only in electronic music and prog rock, but in music video, computer software, and Internet music delivery as well. Although the album wasn’t a big hit with critics and didn’t reach near the sales as Todd’s previous album, it’s the clear cut favorite of Todd’s most avid fans and is considered a very influential album to thousands of musicians. Todd’s manager, Eric Gardner of Panacea Entertainment, said, “It was Todd’s 180 degree turn after 'Something/Anything?' much to the dismay of the record company and much to the dismay of radio. Back then they were hoping for a follow up of 'Something/Anything?' something in the same vein. 'A Wizard, A True Star' is actually a record that’s near and dear to Todd’s heart because it was so contrary”. "A Wizard, A True Star" was listed in the 2006 musical reference book, “1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die”.
In 2003, British music critic Barney Hoskyns wrote in MOJO magazine, "Rundgren’s 'A Wizard, A True Star' is simply the greatest album ever made”. Todd Rundgren has released over 30 albums either as a solo artist or with his bands Nazz, Utopia, and The New Cars while producing acclaimed, successful records for artists as diverse as Badfinger, Meat Loaf, Grand Funk Railroad, the New York Dolls, and XTC. Despite Todd's incredible accomplishments and influence on the music industry, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame committee - - - in Akron's neighboring town of Cleveland - - - has failed to induct him. Ironically, one of the reasons Ohio was chosen as the place to host this concert was because of the strong Todd fan base in Cleveland.
Thanks Doug
More news as it comes in.
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