Monday, June 01, 2009

El Frijolero

Dance and Dense Denso

Review by John Bush
Nearly four years after Apocalypshit, Molotov proved they'd lost none of their dynamic energy and explosiveness by releasing another raging, entertaining LP, Dance and Dense Denso. With this one, it became clear that Molotov rated as one of the best in the rock en español movement's contemporary wing. As before, the quartet focus on aggro punk with plenty of attitude, but unlike many of their contemporaries, these are intelligent songs with a long shelf life. "Here We Kum" is a brilliant Spanglish jam, with an infectious singalong chorus ("Here we come and we don't care nacha!"), while the hilarious food-and-sex metaphors of "Changüich a la Chichona" ("I want to get down into your juju bees") show that Molotov have a good handle on tongue-in-cheek humor. The band also has no trouble when it changes tempo, with a simmering track called "No Me Da Mi Navidad." Aggressive, intelligent, infectious, and fun -- Molotov have it all, and Dance and Dense Denso is one of the best Latin rock releases of the year.

1 Dance and Dense Denso
2 Here We Kum
3 Changüich a la Chichona
4 No Me da Mi Navidad (Punketon)
5 Noko
6 Frijolero
7 E. Charles White
8 Queremos Pastel
9 I'm the One
10 Nostradamus Mucho (Que Se Caiga el Teatro)
11 Hit Me (Gimme Tha Power II)