Monday, March 16, 2009

The Real Deal

Los Coronas
Gen-U-Ine Sounds

Los Coronas are, undoubtedly, the pioneering instro-surf group and one of the bands with more repercussion in Spain nowadays. From their beginnings, in 1991, they have grown from being under the shade of the most purist instrumental surf to reinventing a genre that proves to be more alive than never. Clearly influenced by Duane Eddy, Link Wray, Dick Dale, The Ventures or The Shadows, in the course of time they have achieved to give their sound another turn of the screw, adding to it an unmistakable Hispanic taste. While instrumental surf has turned into something universal, they have decided to give it their own touch, injecting rubs of pasodoble and rumba, giving it a cinematographic atmosphere that makes easier to find echoes of Spaghetti Western and film noir. I n Los Coronas' music the wind section is becoming more and more relevant, above all since Yevgeni Riecmkalov´s participation began.
Los coronas come back to stage with a new record in which they create the soundtrack of an imaginary film, a film where they play with the flashback of their former sounds, where they show their present-day maturity and wisdom, and where they also present sparkles of their future sound. It's the soundtrack of a film where the music is capable of creating landscapes full of frantic paces and full of energy, or capable to transmit sensations of calmness full of melancholy, and they got it using the resources of primitive r'n'r spirit: immediateness, rhythm, and a dry aridity which move them away from beach to the desert. With these new twelve songs they make their own private tribute to the musical universe that during decades has been reflected in the cinema and that hereby has influenced them consciously or unconsciously.
Departing from a sound that feeds directly of the primitive and original instrumental rock of the 50's and 60's, Los Coronas make a revision of the Spaghetti westerns essence, the rides of Curro Jiménez -a fiction legendary Spanish bandit of 19th Century- or the Don Brown's surf documentaries. In this way they revisit and renovate a genre, the instrumental Surf, which they know well, where they have grown, a genre that they have been claiming for since their beginnings in 1991. Once the lesson has been well learnt, they have decided to contribute with their own vision, in which their personal experience has become their main influence. It's a vision where the sands of the Californian beaches join with those of the desert, achieving this way a borderline surf loaded with southern touches and with echoes of the trumpets of “El Degüello” in the siege of The Alamo. In an odd appropriation of the musical essence of Mexico or the South of the USA, Los Coronas assimilate, reinterpret and adapt it as its own.
1. Supertubos
2. Estacion Uranus
3. Twin Fin
4. Janas
5. Barefoot Adventure
6. Jungle Strut
7. Zero Break
8. Corona del Mar
9. Gene- U - Ine
10. Choroee



Troy McClure said...

This is truly one of the best instro-surf bands in Spain.

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Do not miss The Vibrants!

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