Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Everything Goes Good On A Ritz

The MiGs
Monkfish Liver

Monkfish Liver contains 5 "lost tracks" from "Phase II" of the MiGs. The lineup being Derrick Anderson, Kevin Lee, John Lacques, Bernard Yin and Rick Deliz.
This was perhaps the most experimental phase in the band's history. Bernard's guitar work has never been more quirky yet soulful. Kevin's keyboard and Theremin work adds an unreal spice. John drums a jazzyness that's borderline free form. Derek, from the soul of pop, creates bass lines that are exactly what each piece needs. Rick adds guitar compliments to this challenging mix of crazies.
Each song is truly different, give them a listen.
As of 2004 The MiGs continue to perform select shows but as a hard hitting surf-type trio. Bernard fronts this newer crew and has been dabbling in the Theremin as well. Look for Derek with Dave Davies (of the Kinks) and Kevin Lee with Seksu Roba. Bernard can also be found in Kelly Mantle's band, the Zodiac Party band, Blair Tefkin and numerous other LA projects.

1 Girl from Orange County
2 Chasing Salmon
3 I Don't Think So
4 Dog Breath
5 The Snake Lady



Bernard Yin said...

I never thought this would be reviewed in 2009 !!! This release really was a good one for which I am proud. Thanks for recognizing it. As of late I have been lurking in a variety of projects: Astra Heights (we just did some songs soon-to-be-released with Jack Douglas), Marisabel Bazan and I also am a bit Jekyll and Hyde as a guitarist for the Fuzztones (shhhh).

BackYard said...

can u repost this one please?
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