Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It's Scary Out There In The Fiberglass Jungle

Fiberglass Jungle
Ripped at a dense jungle-like 320
Looks like Napolean Dynamite drew the cover. "Is that a liger?"

As Gregory Nicoll writes in the inlay of the cd ..."It was 1963.The first wave of the California surf sound was at its peak when a construction crew on the Ballonna Creek jetty asked the locals to clear their surfboards from the beach.The teens grouped the boards closely together along the south side of the jetty,nose down in the sand.A couple houndred yards away,guitarist Al Sichol of the Crossfires looked up to see the mass of boards protruding over the top of the sand dune and to his eyes it looked nothing less than a "Fiberglass Jungle".Many waves have splashed against the California shore since then ,but the tune Al was inspired to write , remains a classic!Reinterpreted here by the Surf Kings,it's the overture for another beach gathering where many bright new boards join the jungle...The whole wild bunch of'em shake proudly to the powerful sounds of watery reverb,kickin' drums and deep-divin' twangmaster whammys which evoke the feel of the ocean rising beneath you and sting of sea salt in your nostrils.It's all part of a vibrant genre known as surf music."
Fiberglass Jungle - The Surf Kings
Chupacabra - Soda Pop Spys
Batwing - The Torpedoes
Surf Before Sunrise - Los Mel-Tones
Toothless Cannibal - The Sandblasters
Who the Hell Is Fast Eddy?!? - Mayhem Brew
Boom With a View - Dirk Boom & The Overdrive Orchestra
Hobnail Boots - Jeff Hart
Mung Taco - The Bezerkers
Under the Green - Squid Vicious
Evolution - Way Out West
Davy Jones' Locker - The Fabulous Planktones
Caipirrina - The Aquamen
Surf & Skate All Nite - Hot Tecate!
Piha Death Rip - The Hollow Grinders
Surfonica - Surf Report
Foam Aroma - The Mill Valley Taters
Planet Satan - The Swamp Donkeys
Agent Woodrow - The Woodies
So Sensitive - The Sub-Mersians
Unhooked - King Alcohol
Topena - Tyrskykitarat
Theme From S.K.I.M.A.N. - The Skimen
El Alacran - Kelp


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