Friday, March 06, 2009

Paradise For One & All

Alex Keack
Surfers Paradise

This is one I picked up from Mr X over at Xtabay's World back when I was still wet behind the ears. More fine stuff there still. Drop in on his little island of pleasures.

A former member of the Islanders, a Hawaiian version of the Four Freshmen, Keack provides Crown with one of its few legitimate quality recordings with a gentle, sophisticated small combo sound not too far removed from the model of master Martin Denny.

1 Why Me
2 Wait and See
3 Come Away with Me Now
4 Magic Are the Islands
5 Haunted Love
6 Latino
7 Polynesian Hay Ride
8 Sunset over Kona
9 Lovely
10 And Now She's Mine



Anonymous said...

yikes, this is a very poor quality offering, only 128kps. You really should consider offering only the highest quality if you want more people to actually keep the music and not delete it after downloading.