Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Get Your Motor Running With Dual Barrels

The Carburetors
Loud Enough To Raise The Dead
Norway’s own The Carburetors are just about to release the successor to their stunning 2004 debut Pain Is Temporary – Glory Is Forever. Their attempt is called Loud Enough To Raise The Dead, and as the title reveals, The Carburetors guys are having big faith in what their new product is capable of delivering.
Their aim has not changed at all. Their objectives are still to play fast, dirty, and uncompromising Hard Rock ‘N’ Roll. Fast Forward Rock ‘N’ Roll is their motto, and Fast Forward Rock ‘N’ Roll is their mission. Singer Eddie Guz growls and rolls through one riff-based song after the other, and the rhythm section doesn’t even once reduce the tempo below warrantable speed limits. Their Rockabilly looks are still their visual trade mark: short, black leather jackets, greased hair, tight jeans, and sun glasses, and the titles in the tracklist below should too give a hint about where these guys keep their focus. There’s no beating around the bush, only straight-to-the-point R&R.
Loud Enough To Raise The Dead will, just like their debut, make you think that The Carburetors are the love child of Jerry Lee Lewis and Motörhead, or The Rolling Stones and AC/DC, or Chuck Berry and The Ramones … so there you go. However, what has changed the most since their previous release is that some of the guitar work tends to explore some of Rock’s heavier traditions. On several occasions, the guitar players Stian Krogh and Kai Kidd unfold themselves in a old school Metal landscape. That’s cool; Rockabilly Hard Rock with big, melodic solos reminding you of good old Iron Maiden.
Loud Enough To Raise The Dead holds no track as strong as “She’s Got The Touch” and “Allright, Allright” from their debut. Still, Guz, Kidd, Krogh, Nitro, and O’Men have made sure to make an album that will guarantee that their future live shows will hold enough Rock ‘N’ Roll ammunition to blow whatever audience away. They already keep a huge reputation as a live act, and as far as 2006 goes, it doesn’t sound like that will change yet.
Baptism Of Fire
Lawless Country
Rock ’N’ Roll Forever
Crank It Up
Fast Lane
Whole Town Is Shakin’
Throw Your Horns
Rock ’N’ Roll Is King
Straight To Jail
Waste My Time
Hails The Lords Of Rock


Brandonio! said...

Rockabilly and Hard Rock.Those usually go pretty good hand in hand.I think I 'll give these cats a shot. THAAAAAAAAAANNNNKKKKKKSSS!

sputnik said...

Hi my surfer friend!!!! Nice combination of different styles. What a kind of album, I really love it.