Monday, March 30, 2009

Peanut Butter And Jellyfishin'

The Bahareebas

Ripped by Teisco del Mar at a dazzling 320


Switzerland, mostly wellknown for it´s mountains, goats and cheese finally shows that there´s more behind this country than just being a tax oasis for german millionaires. The ambassadors of swiss rock´n´roll are called THE BAHAREEBAS and believe me these guys know how to keep a party swinging. They´re always trying to catch the biggest wave and surf on it like there´s gonna be no tomorrow. Yeah, THE BAHAREEBAS are a traditional surf- combo with a distinctive affection for the garage-punk mayhem of the sixties and certainly one of the best to come outta Europe in quite some time. Their organ driven instro sounds , sometimes even enriched with some spooky vocal parts remind us a lot of the sadly missed BOMBORAS. You can easily hear the twangin´ surf influence of Mr. Dick Dale in all their guitar work and they must have listened to a lot of authentic beat and teen-punk stuff to come up with an album like that. This record will not just please fans of surf legends like the ATLANTICS and the ASTRONAUTS, but everyone who´s going mad for primitive rock´n´roll and demented "Back from the grave" alike garage-punk. Let´s go jellyfishing!


There are many bands today playing surf music either they re living nearby a coast or up in the highest mountains and they were many more bands playing that kind of music a few years ago but in my humble opinion there are only some of them that have managed to capture the true feeling of the music they perform! Undoubtedly, the Bahareebas are one of the authentic performers. In this 12 song album you will have the pleasure to enjoy real waves of surf madness with titles like: “Vampire Beach”, “Safran”, “Superkings”, “Ocean Cowboy’s Last Ride”, “Robo Shark In Gefahr”….
Do not file under the Bomboras but do file next to the Bomboras!


01 Superkings
02 Dunewalk
03 Vampire Beach
04 Lollipop Whore
05 Karate Island
06 Back To Details
07 Winona
08 Safran
09 Umba
10 Ocean Cowboy's Last Ride
11 Don't Steal My Show
12 Robo Shark In Gefahr