Saturday, October 18, 2008

Ring The Bell

Pavlov's Woody
They Came From Beneath The Surf!
Some O.C. So Cal boys

About Pavlov’s Woody
Pavlov's Woody was created as a vehicle to obtain specimens of modern day surfers and transport them to the Pavlov's Institute of Reverb Therapy for behavior modification experiments related to the exposure of 60's style reverb saturated surf-music in a safe and controlled laboratory environment.

1. Temptation on the Bounty
2. Riviera
3. Green Peppers
4. Sunset Strip
5. Scavengers
6. Jerk Chicken Dance
7. Tropical Fever
8. Firehead and the Soul Brother
9. San Luis
10. Led Sled
11. Harmony Park
12. Pavlov's Lincoln
13. Because They're Young