Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Gyros, Baklava & Surf Music??

Zorba's Ride
Greek Surf Comp

This next set of tunes comes from my Greek friend Antonis. The first section are tunes by Greek bands. The flip side are Greek-toned songs by bands throughout the world.
The legend of garage music in Greece.

The LAST DRIVE released the first LP back in the early eighties. The track MISIRLOU is powerfull surf instro and very similar to the AGENT ORANGE cover. The song was first performed by the Michalis Patrinos rebetiko band in Athens, Greece in 1927. The leader of LAST DRIVE Alexis Kalofolias today continious play music with the band EARTHBOUND.


The BLUE JEANS were formed back in 1984 by Alex Berekos initially as a four piece band playing mostly covers.. After two years of constant gigging they are offered their first deal to release an E.P. for the "Wipe Out" recording label that is released in 1986. The E.P. features two original songs plus a cover of the instrumental surf tune ''WIPE OUT'' today this release is considered a collector's item. The Alex Berekos was formed the next band - the only authentic surf band in Greece- INVISIBLE SURFERS in 1992. They released their first 7 inch, in 1996, titled "It Won't Last Forever" & first LP, "Dogs Killa Cat," in 2002 The track AKIS PANOU is the name of greece popular folk songwriter Akis Panou.

The DUCKY BOYZ a garage- psychobilly trio loves to play some surf instros covers
The track YIOTKMANTAKI came from the first LP ''No regrets'' Just listen the ''near death experience'' from new single in DUCKY BOYZ is great.

DIAFANA KRINA (which means in English: Transparent Lilies) is a rock alternative band. No SURF. But just listen the track KOUSKO i think its very surfy sound what do you think?

THE BULLETS the legend of rock n roll since 1988.
The band’s first release was the 7inch surf-a-billy single FUZZBITTEN which came out in the spring of 2003. The track PULSAR is from the new first LP.

ALEXANDROS PERROS & THE LONELY STARS from Thessaloniki city is a old rock n roll band

ROCKETS is a rock n roll band too, formed in 2004.

OVERTONES is the side project of the garage band FRANTIC V from Thessaloniki city

NOW...what happen when surf bands all over the world play surf music with greek elements?

WOODIES ''Zorba's Last Ride'' is so GREECERRR!!!

PHANTOM FOUR ''Kyma'' which means in greece ''WAVE'' so greece too.!!!

BITCH BOYS ''Mach one'' They say is traditional song but this is a old very popular greece folk song writing from Michalis Sougioul back in the second decade from twenty century!!!.

BIG SURF ''Dune Danc''e is like ''tsifteteli'' dance greece song!!!

WANGS ''La course de manuel'' is a cover from songwriter MIKIS THODORAKIS
but play this in high speeds !!!

FIFTY FOOT COMBO ''Dimitrius'' cover from ATLANTICS is very Greece
and of course Jim Skiathitis the leader guitarist is a greek.!!!

TYPHOONS ''Vskada'' like a traditional old greece song... coincidence?

The GREAT INSECT SURFERS had covered MIKI'S THODORAKIS ''Zorba's Theme'' but the track ''Bouzouki'' (which means a type of greek folk guitar) is fantastic & very greek!!!

SATANS PILGRIMS ''Godfather'' had very closed style in greece ''syrtaki'' music.!!!

BEAT TORNADOS (my fave surf band)


Anonymous said...

Hello Mr. T

Nice Compilation!

And i like the idea with the greek bands on the A-side and the grecian tunes on side B.

Thank you too, Antonis!

Surf's Up!

Brandonio! said...

I concur with Teisco,our friend from Greece has submitted a cool concept here,very interesting.Maybe a International trend will follow.Fans of surf music should take note,and send in similar comps from their country of origin.Now that kids would be steller.

Brandonio! said...

Oh Antonios you don't mind if I put a little bit of this Greece in my hair do ya?

Guillermo said...

great album, and title its just ad hoc

Hakan said...

Wonderful blog, thanks for your effort. Let me correct one small detail about that so called Greek ''BAKLAVA''. Such word as Baklava doesn't even exist in Greek language. It is simply and honestly a TURKISH DESSERT and a Turkish word. Greece ruled by Ottoman Empire (by Turks) approx. 300 yrs) in during that long period, their living style, foods etc. became similar-commonas a result. So? It's simply not Greek. It's Turkish. If your buddy Antonis is a fair and honest fella. he also would agree with this fact. In the name of honesty, i wanted to explain it.

Keep up the good work & stay well.

Hakanzito from Brazil.

John said...

There is a Surf band in Tarpon Springs Florida called Locolism a couple Greek surfers in it. They Rock!! Opa