Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Ya Gotta Shoot From The Hip

El Ray

Shoot From The Hip



Holly Day

This is by far the best surf rock band I've heard in years and years and years, and this album is a necessary addition to the collection of any surf guitar enthusiasts, if you can find it. Amazingly enough (although considering some of the best U.S. surf rock bands have come from the Midwest, I suppose it's not that amazing) El Ray hails from Denmark, and their psychedelic, ominous spin on these original and classic surf songs is just beautiful (their "Secret Agent Man" instrumental cover is hilarious). Many of the tracks on here have titles that could have come right off the credits screen at your local surf theater--if there are any more of those wonderful little venues out there-especially "The Agent vs. the Mexican", "The Plan", and "The Spider." Guitarists El Twang and El Firetone play both rapid-fire dual beach party massacre music and slow, lush, twangy makeout music equally wonderful, making one wonder exactly what kind of beaches there are in Denmark, and what kind of parties they have there where this kind of band provides the soundtrack, and how one gets an invite.


Anonymous said...

While on the American continent the South is raising strong in Surf..
(see my comment on surf mex 2),
over here in Europe the northern countries (like Sweden,Finland,Denmark or Norway) got an increasing number of instro/surf bands since the early 2000's.

Sure.That means nothing at all..but its interesting to know! ;-)

Surf's Up!

Trustar said...

I think that almost every country is represented in the reverb sound. Seems to be only Africa that I have not seen,,,yet. They do have surf there though so don't know why we have not run across any yet.

Maybe someday