Sunday, January 20, 2008

A Little Late Again... Tardy? I Don't Feel Tardy

The Beatles Cartoon Series
Episode 02
Do You Want To Know A Secret/If I Fell


Anonymous said...

I remember watching these on my parent's old Zenith and have been wondering what happened to them as I had not seen them on DVD any where (not that I looked TOO hard but still...)
Thanks for this...good to see once again...


Toby Roan said...

Thanks for putting these up. My daughter is loving 'em!

Trustar said...

It's great to hear that a new generation along with us old, decrepit folks are enjoying seeing these again. Get ready for episode #03 this week.

Thanks for the comments.

By the way, they are selling the complete set of 38 episodes somewhere thru one of the online stores such as Amazon

Toby Roan said...

My little girl is 6 and quite a Beatles fan.

It's great to come home and hear a little kid singing "Paperback Writer" down the hall!