Wednesday, January 02, 2008

It Sure Is Dusty Out Here

The Surfdusters

Surf After Dark


Excellent groupe de surf et de rock'n'roll. Un mélange de guitare Fender avec reverb, écho et trémolo, d'orgue Farfisa et de saxophone "grogneur".

1 Death Trap

2 Sharkskin

3 Radar Hill

4 Surf Buggy

5 Gruesome

6 Russian Dressing

7 Gas Jockey

8 Forgotten Rebel

9 The Friendly Martian

10 Stubble Jumper

11 KGB-in

12 Kona Angel

13 Wreck Beach

14 El Dementia

15 Haunted Surf


Anonymous said...

Hi Trustar!

First: I wish a happy new year to you & all other cool american guys! ;-)

Second: Ah! The Surfdusters!!
I like these canadian fellas alot!
Surf after Dark is such a cool record.
Death Trap f.e. is in my Alltime Top 100 Surflist.
The drums are just marvelous..
Its like Phil D. said:"...Utter energy, raw power, and great drum action..."

Awesome post!!

Surf's Up!

Brandonio! said...

I love this band ,not just another band with surf in the name. They have a sound that set them apart from the genre. Each song brings a new flare of life to it. I totally did not expect this to move me much, just the opposite happend.I give this a 9 out of 10stars.I can't wait to hear more from these cats.

Trustar said...

Glad we could present something that strikes so many.

Many thanks to the original poster for this one. I'm enjoying it a lot too.

Thanks for the comments my friends.