Thursday, August 16, 2007

Why Trustar???

Long, long ago there was a young man who was enraptured by the sounds in this album. As a result, long before Al Gore created the internet, I adopted the nom- de-plume of Trustar. "But what does it mean PaPa?" I was asked by my grandkids today. "It's like this younguns, it means a bright, straight, pure, guiding light. That is a "Trustar". Thank you Todd.

Todd Rundgren

A Wizard, A True Star


by Stephen Thomas Erlewine
Something/Anything? proved that Todd Rundgren could write a pop classic as gracefully as any of his peers, but buried beneath the surface were signs that he would never be satisfied as merely a pop singer/songwriter. A close listen to the album reveals the eccentricities and restless spirit that surges to the forefront on its follow-up, A Wizard, a True Star. Anyone expecting the third record of Something/Anything?, filled with variations on "I Saw the Light" and "Hello It's Me," will be shocked by A Wizard. As much a mind-f*ck as an album, A Wizard, a True Star rarely breaks down to full-fledged songs, especially on the first side, where songs and melodies float in and out of a hazy post-psychedelic mist. Stylistically, there may not be much new — he touched on so many different bases on Something/Anything? that it's hard to expand to new territory — but it's all synthesized and assembled in fresh, strange ways. Often, it's a jarring, disturbing listen, especially since Rundgren's humor has turned bizarre and insular. It truly takes a concerted effort on the part of the listener to unravel the record, since Rundgren makes no concessions — not only does the soul medley jerk in unpredictable ways, but the anthemic closer, "Just One Victory," is layered with so many overdubs that it's hard to hear its moving melody unless you pay attention. And that's the key to understanding A Wizard, a True Star — it's one of those rare rock albums that demands full attention and, depending on your own vantage, it may even reward such close listening.

As the review says, it's not the easiest album to listen to. It takes a bit of work. Set it up to play "gapless" when you have the time to listen to the complete album. I think you will it full of the many talents of Todd.
Sometimes I just don'g know what to feel........


Al Hogar said...


In the summer of 1986 a friend and I sat and listened to his LP copy of this album over and of my personal most loved and influential records, ever. Thank you, thank you.

If anyone knows where Todd's album "Healing" has been posted, can't find it anywhere...

The Walking Dead Man (TWDM) said...

Hi Trustar!

I have been a Todd fan since '73 and AW,ATS is one of my favorites! Any chance that you might have Faithful?


Anonymous said...

Suggested posts: Deface The Music by Utopia, and Faithful, both faves of mine. Thanks!

Den said...

Todd's still burnin' brightly now, too, thanks to good living and good luck. He's an underestimated genius, or as damn close as a creative rocker needs to be. He's been surfin' the leading curl of the electronic/mac/digital revolution since surf was up in the mid 80's... I saw him solo live here recently, and he's more mellow, but sometimes, aren't we all. If we're all gettin older, at least, let's all party more with as much fun as possible. And thanks for the soundtrack, Trustar...
den nc usa

Doug said...

Todd Rundgren will be performing A Wizard, A True Star LIVE on September 6th, 2009 in Akron OH for the first time ever!

Trustar said...

Thanks for the tip Doug. Thats one that I would have liked to have seen. Maybe on the west coast someday. When I saw him last year I had a chance to talk with him a bit. I told him about my moniker that I have used for 30 years now and showed him the business card from my consulting business, Trustar and Associates. He thought that was very cool and signed the back of the card along with my AWATS CD. He asked about my business and if it was succesfull. He was very personable and not rushed at all. This boy was in heaven. I'll catch him next time he is in town for sure.
Thanks again Doug.