Monday, August 27, 2007

More More More Surf Coasters

The Surf Coasters



1 Oracle
2 Twister
3 Magic River
4 ハートに火をつけて :LIGHT MY FIRE
5 Blast
6 Sleeping Princess
7 Lily-anne
8 Aube de VIETNAM
9 Shoutin' Bird
10 GO!
11 Hurry Up The Wait
12 Quarter
13 Star Rider
14 Jetty
15 The Riddle
16 Miracle
17 Legend Of Surf



Gyro1966 said...

Thanks for all the great music.

Anonymous said...

Another awesome post! These guys-- Shigeo Naga in particular, altho the drummer is awesome,too-- really knock my socks off. Why am I surfing with socks on? A question for another day. So here's a question for today: could you post "Samurai Struck"?
Thanks for all you do!