Tuesday, August 07, 2007


The Bambi Molesters

Dumb Lound Hollow Twang Deluxe


by Ned Raggett
Not many acts that continue for a few albums get a chance to go back and take care of what they might see in retrospect as mistakes or tentative starts. But there are always glorious exceptions — thus, the course of events that led to the Croatian surf-rock quartet the Bambi Molesters re-recording their 1997 debut, Dumb Loud Hollow Twang, in a "Deluxe" edition, with special guests, bonus tracks, and more besides. What might have seemed a quixotic exercise gets explained in the liner notes — Dumb Loud Hollow Twang's original run, though popular in surf-rock obsessive circles, had not resulted in a reprint, while the group's growing popularity resulted in further demand and attention for the album. The bandmembers themselves felt the debut was far too rushed — it was literally recorded in three hours as a one-take rip with instrument leakage and bad mixing ruining the impact — so with more time to spare and a chance to flesh out the sound, the result was 2003's Deluxe. The quartet's command of the surf vernacular is unparalleled — guitarists Dalibor Pavicic and Dinko Tomljanovic have the reverb down and rhythm section Lada and Hrvoje Zaborac shift between mania and mood-out with ease. The guest musicians add just the right touches — keep an ear out for Neven Franges' piano on the late-night menace of "Pearl Divin'," as well as on the smoky Euro-spy vibe of "Sun Stroke" and a trumpet/sax duo on a variety of songs adding some further sting. If the overall effect is pleasantly reverential rather than a striking new reworking of surf and garage roots, it's still a solid result that works beyond being a mere genre exercise. The bonus tracks are all covers, and winners they are — the Molesters' collaborator in the Strange project, Chris Eckman, adds whispering menace to "Restless," the album's sole vocal track. Best song title of the bunch — "Beach Murder Mystery."


Anonymous said...

hey TRUSTAR, I had to speak up here and say a very big thanks for posting this steller post . I absolutley love The Bambi Molesters,I reviewed one of there albums Intensity I do believe back in 99 in a zine called NOISES FROM THE GARAGE. they had a strong reaction from my friends and I.my friend brian marshall did not unfortunately let me keep this band's cd{bummer}any way I was wondering if you had any other BM album's . I believe several people would be very happy. I seen some other cats make requests here and there. well thanks again dude your pal BRANDONIO!

Anonymous said...

Dear Trustar,

Here is the last cd recorded by the VICE BARONS in 1997 for you to share with all of your viewers. A few months later they broke up and their obnoxious guitar player founded the ever so brilliant and garagey THE MIGHTY GORDINIS. Still available for download at Twilight Zone.:-))) Enjoy!

Trustar said...

Thanks DB Eddie. Did not see your note until after Ryp picked up on it and posted. No worries. Point is that is out there for us all to hear. (8)>