Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Uh Ohhh! Man Overboard!

The Fathoms



Buzz is that The Fathoms are working on a new album to be released soon. Keep your ears out!

For Brandonio!


by Richie Unterberger
Overboard is such faithful surf revivalism that there's little to distinguish it from many surf records waxed in 1962-1964, other than perhaps inevitable slight sonic differences resulting from more modern recording technology. This faithfulness is both an asset and a drawback; they certainly understand the essence of the surf originators, yet neither do they add particularly new ingredients. They do stand out in the relatively small 1990s surf revivalist scene, however, in their reliance upon original material by lead guitarist Frankie Blandino (with the exception of the cover of the Astronauts' Lee Hazlewood-penned "The Hearse"). Also, they're unusual in featuring raunchy sax (by Dave Scholl) as well as dripping-wet reverbed guitar; raunchy R&B-influenced saxes were actually pretty common in original surf music, but not so much so in latter-day surf bands. Blandino is an excellent and mighty fluent surf guitarist, and an able composer of the minor-keyed, Latin-influenced melodies common to the genre. If there's a point of comparison to the Fathoms' style, they're most often in the dark and echoey bag perfected by the Chantays on "Pipeline." They do break out of that mold sometimes, though, as on the country-flavored gallop of "Tracking Bigfoot," the horror soundtrack creepiness of "The Haunted Shore," and the lounge sleaze of "Cruisin' the Zone."

1 Race Against Time
2 Fathomized
3 Overboard
4 Tracking Bigfoot
5 El Toro
6 Hippo Hump
7 The Hearse
8 Shark Waves
9 The Haunted Shore
10 Flaming Arrow
11 Cruisin' the Zone
12 Cahoon Hollow Hideaway
13 Turquoise Blue (And Primer Gray)

14 Git My Goat

2 parts Make sure to get them both.

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Anonymous said...

I've had this on clear blue vinyl since it's release. I saw the trimmed down "new" Fathoms afew months ago and they still smoke. Can't wait for the new record.

Anonymous said...

TRUSTAR, thanks for posting this, not so much for me ,but for the cats whom have never heard this masterpiece. It just don't get any better than this folks,this is a must have. Do not fret at the opportunity to hear this. download NOOOOOW!!! you can thank TRUSTAR and I later. BRANDONIO!

Trustar said...

Like BRANDONIO said...