Saturday, August 18, 2007

Seen Better Days

George Nooks

Better Days


by John Bush
A hotly tipped raggamuffin vocalist with three 1997 Tamika Reggae Music awards to his credit (for Crossover Artist, Outstanding Male Artist, and Vocalist of the Year), George Nooks fell afoul of the law scant weeks before the official ceremony, and was arrested by bounty hunters — authorized by the Immigration and Naturalization Service — for being in the United States illegally. While he was being deported, his wife and three children were forced to accept the Tamika awards in his place at the April ceremony. Nooks had released his self-titled debut album months before, on the back of his crossover hit singles "Real Men" and "One of a Kind Love Affair." It is unknown whether he will continue to record.
1 No One Knows
2 Next Time
3 Queen of the Ghetto
4 Perfect World
5 Those Good Days
6 For Your Love
7 If I Had The World
8 Waiting
9 No Daddy
10 Monetary Substance
11 Terrible
12 Deceiver
13 A Song For Mama
14 Crush Dem
15 Child Molester
16 Put Some Away


Anonymous said...

Same guy as Prince Mohammed from the 70s? Thanks for the up...

@LithiumJA said...

Yes same guys from 78, respect for this.