Sunday, August 12, 2007

Runabout 3 Neo Age

The Surf Coasters
Runabout 3 Neo Age Original Soundtrack


Theme from "RUNABOUT"


Anonymous said...

thanks Trustar, this is a welcome surprise I have the other Runabout record and i do believe this has a few songs not found else where . I'm really curious what their Elvis record sounds like. BRANDONIO!

Anonymous said...

hey TRUSTAR I JUST THOUGHT YOU SHOULD KNOW THAT WHAT YOU ACTUALLY HAVE POSTED HERE IS SURF COASTERS 2002 ALBUM "RUNABOUT 3 neoAGE original sountrack" it has more tracks and I personally think it's a better deal all together. I know it's confusing . if you want go to the bands web site and check out the discography. they actually have 3 albums with the word "Runabout" some of this stuff rivals MAD3's speed and power . by the way does anyone have any of the MAD3 Japanese label stuff. I have everything that has been released here in the states,but the overseas material escapes me . I 'am actually shocked most people have never heard of them they could rule the world if they wanted to. well i had to add my 2 cents. PS All you people who never leave a comment on this awesome site suck. the least you could do is leave a brief thanks or hello. well I'm out of here , until next time. BRANDONIO!

Anonymous said...

PSSST! PSST ! you may want to reply or at least post up the comments that people leave in a more timely manor . it looks like you don't care much about want other people are saying. I'm just trying to be friendly here and discuss my passion for surf music well music in general. i hope you don't take this in a spiteful way . you don't have to post this perticular comment I'm not trying to make you look bad really.

Trustar said...


Just noticed that note of the comments are being sent to my email for the last two weeks! Just thought it was extra quiet out there.

I, as any blogger out there will tell you, that we all live and breath to see comments on our postings. This is what can give us input to other postings, requests, and just straight out glowing appreciation.

Please, everyone. This has been no attemp to ignore any of the great comments left over the last month or so. I know your out there and do appreciate all comments, good or bad.

I will try to figure out what went wrong with the notifications and get it fixed ASAP.

Thank you anon, and to all of my regular readers.


Trustar said...

Thanks BRANDONIO for all the great comments. I can always count on you!

Yes, your correct. I did leave off the info" 3 neoAGE" from the original posting. I also have Super Runabout.

Thanks for the input.


A.M. said...

Wow! Fabulous!More songs from the Surf Coasters! Thank you! I am sure these 7 tracks are as good as the 12 others.