Monday, August 13, 2007

On Target

The Wangs

On Target


French group with very little information. Any help out there???
Don't know much about them, but I like it!
1 Vlah, Vlah, Vlah
2 Pilot
3 Sushi
4 The Shindenkai
5 Firelord
6 Vamos A Praia
7 Nitro
8 Keanu Reeves
9 The Shindenkai Revenge
10 No Brain
11 Birthday
12 Sky Patrol
13 La Course De Manuel
14 Ultimanicat
***Make sure to check out the additional info that Senor Teisco sent regarding this group. Muchas Gracias!


Anonymous said...

Hey Trustar!, you posted one of my all-time fav's!!.. ;-)

Formed by three guys from Paris, France, they started in 1996 and after makin a 3 track cd in 1998, a split ep with belgian famous 50 foot combo in 1999 and two V.A.'s..they made their first full album on German label Kamikaze Records: "Surf Double Pack Vol.1" together with The Vampires, a band from Germany.
Then in 2001 this record here.."On Target"..
Added a second guitar player in 2003, another VA and two Singles then..and thats already the end of their story.
In 2004 a last record, containing their Singles from 2003 and some nice Videos called:
"In Surf we trust..."

Such a cool band..besides that i have seen them playin live,years ago..
their fast&powerful playing,the crazy lyrics in some tunes..that's how i like it!

"..keeenu reeeews!.." lol!! :-)

Surf's Up!

Eek The Cat said...


Well, they're French, and they speak the French language, and they are FROM France .... Oh yeah! And they play guitars!! :>} Does that help?


I'm sending you a Google translation of a Spanish review of this album. You'll have to "dig out" the relevant descriptions as they refer to "vinyl" as "heavy plastic ..." etc.


Anonymous said...

hey TRUSTAR, another fine post this band the Wangs really rocks except for 2 tracks I didn't really care for .The album is still pretty solid , right of the bat they struck with a Treble Makers sound . do you agree? again nice post. BRANDONIO!

hax said...

hi Trustar! nice mummies album, thanx a lot for that.
let's change links!

Anonymous said...

Some information can be found here:

Trustar said...

Thanks all for the input of this group. The little I could find was not worth putting up.