Thursday, August 16, 2007

Let's Go Exotic!

The Huntington Cads

Go Exotic!


The Huntington Cads reside in that void between the Tiki-Tones and Surf, where the waves are reverbin' in the structures, and the lounge is adorned with tikis and torch lanterns. The playing is pretty, luscious, precise, and very clean. Many tracks feature that wet surf guitar lead, and acoustic guitar rhythms, while others feature a Martin Denny vibraphone. Oleaje Exotica Deluxe! This is a well-recorded CD full of great listening, either as a main attraction, or as a bed for a bit of the wine & wrestle. Phil Dirt, Reverb Central

1 Far East Fling
2 Ebonite Satellite
3 Lunar Luau
4 Enchantment
5 Al Malaikah
6 Go Exotic
7 Sirrocco
8 Shangri-La
9 El Cordobes
10 M'Bwana
11 Paradise Lost
12 The Corsair
13 Deguello
14 Forbidden Shores


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah! Lounge on and get wet doing it. What a combo

Anonymous said...

I love the Cads--very smooth. Great post. Keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

Hi Again
What can i say except thanks for granting a wish and putting this great music up.
Once more top notch stuff to carry the listener away to better places.
Cheers Mate

Anonymous said...

Many many thanks for this album! :)

It's always a pleasure to me, listening to Exotica-touched surfmusic.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot Tru!

The Huntington Cads is a great band and as you maybe already know have the fantastic artist Shag on rhythm guitar. Real cooool!