Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Is It A Shallow Mind Or Just A Surface Impression?

The Surf Coasters
Surface Impression

The Surf Coasters were formed in 1994 by Shigeo Naka in Tokyo, Japan. Their first appearances were on a "Star Search" type TV show which they won by playing their version of Dick Dale's Pulp Fiction hit" Misirlou". Since then, they have released more than 20 CDs for the Columbia, BMG, and Victor labels, with many appearances on film soundtracks and video games and constant touring in Japan. In 1995, rock guitar legend Dick Dale, known as the King of the Surf Guitar, visited Japan and played shows with The Surf Coasters. He proclaimed Shigeo Naka to be The Prince of the Surf Guitar. Shigeo Naka is a guitar prodigy with amazing fretboard ability. His love is for the twangy, reverbed tones of American surf music, and many Surf Coasters CDs feature reworkings of famed surf songs from the 60s alongside their more orignal material. Live, the Surf Coasters command the stage with an athletic stage presence and a crunchy and fast surf instrumentals.

1 Spit fire
2 Tally-Ho!
3 止まったままの時計:Pulser girl
4 Astral circle (Original Version)
5 Thunder wave
6 Adagio
7 風と何処かに:Walking with the wind
9 Twistin' away
10 Computer X-tacy
11 Electric sky
12 Bitter sweet samba:オールナイト・サーフィン
13 月ひとかけら :A piece of the moon


Brandonio! said...

thanks trustar, i already own this one but i suspect not many others do. this has some wacky vocals on it if my memory serves me right. yet some of there most experimental songs. mind blowing songs none the less. MORE SURF COASTERS!!!! they have 20 plus albums you know.