Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What You Get When You Rub 4 Dimes Together

The Dimes
New England EP

Based on real stories and events born of and around Boston, Massachusetts, this 4-song EP, titled "New England," is rich with texture and an consistent pastoral thread, complete with mandolins, acoustic guitars, stomps, claps, banjos, melodicas and more pop-laden harmonies than you'll know what to do with. The record reveals a glimpse of the latest material from The Dimes, whom are currently working on a new full-length record based of the same themes, due out Summer 2009. The New England EP also contains a special John Lennon cover of Watching the Wheels - a song that is near and dear to Dimes singer-songwriter, Johnny Clay's heart.

Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, The Dimes are a quirky, harmony-driven, indie-pop five-piece with influences and sounds-like comparisons ranging from The Decemberists to Iron and Wine, Spoon, Tom Petty, and even The Beatles.

The band's 2007 debut, The Silent Generation, captured widespread praise and acclaim from SPIN, Magnet, Under the Radar, NPR, The BBC, USA Today, MTV.com and made some rather big waves on music blogs everywhere, both in the United States and in Europe. The album's singles, "Catch Me Jumping" and "Paul Kern Can't Sleep" have been darlings of multiple commercial licenses, including several MTV and NBC shows, and some independent films.



1 The Liberator

2 Clara

3 Ballad of Winslow Homer

4 Watching The Wheels

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